UW Blockchain Society is excited to present our first-ever Hackathon weekend, held from May 22nd to May 23rd. The first two days will be the Hackathon and is for students to create software solutions with a focus on blockchain. To view the full agenda, please head to uwblockchainhacks.com for more details. If you have other questions, do ask them on UW Blockchain Society's Discord Channel for a quicker response.

Find all the recorded tutorials from workshops here

Here is a list of the workshops available :

May 22nd (Friday) - All times are in PST

  1. Kick-Off (9:30AM-10:00AM) - https://washington.zoom.us/j/91767474343
  2. Mentoring Session starts - Discord Channel
  3. Adobe XD Workshop (12-1PM)
  4. Introduction to NEAR API (1PM - 2PM) 
  5. Introduction to Rust by NEAR (2PM - 3PM)
  6. Docker Containerization(3PM - 4PM) Part 1, Part 2

May 23rd (Saturday) 

  1. Mentoring Session starts - Discord Channel
  2. Azure ML Workshop (1PM - 2PM)
  3. Power BI & Data Science Workshop (2PM - 3PM)

Our mission statement is to educate people in PNW about the fundamental mechanisms that power blockchain technology. We hope to create a friendly environment for all types of majors to join us!

*All submissions are due 5PM PST on May 23rd. Judging process begins immediately.

*Results announced at 6:13PM PST.

Here is a list of resources to familiarize yourself with the Hackathon :
  1. Beginner's Guide to Blockchain
  2. UW Blockchain Hackathon Official Guide
  3. Introduction to NEAR API
  4. Choose your path and start building


  • Participants: Individuals or Teams
  • Age: At or over 18
  • Team Size: 5 at most
  • Countries: Worldwide


3 Tracks available for participants to compete in: (Brief explanation provided for each track, ambigous on purpose to allow for creativity) Information is from https://uwblockchainhacks.com/.

The Light Timeline - The most useful blockchain hack. This is something like a financial product (e.g. “decentralized online bank account”, or “buy and sell stocks”) a new digital currency that has some unique value (you can only spend it on books?) or maybe you want to create secure online voting. This challenge is for you to shine while you save the world!

The Dark Timeline - The most useless blockchain hack. We want to see the funniest and faddiest blockchain apps. If you want to build an ICO for cats, Dogecoin V2, TikTok-but-for-some-reason-its-on-blockchain... well you get it! If you make us laugh AND your useless hack achieves a useless goal (it’s got to actually do something) we give you cash money! Turn this hackathon into a wackathon for the memes.

Any ol' Hack - If you just want to do your thing and learn about blockchain, or use our simple account system with whatever you build, we will cheer you on! You can get this prize just for using one of our libraries in your hack.

A few requirements...

  1. A working link to a demo of the application is required for submission
  2. Open source code must be submitted with the demo to be considered
  3. Submitted by the deadline
  4. Be the original work of an individual participant or a group project
  5. Built utilizing NEAR protocol
  6. A human will look at the commit logs, so no funny business!

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$1,100 in prizes

1st Place Cash Prize

Overall best project that satisfies all criteria

Most innovative

Best Pitch

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


James Conrad

James Conrad
Senior SWE @F5 Networks

Rayyan Hussain

Rayyan Hussain
Software Engineer @T-Mobile

Kurt Wedgwood

Kurt Wedgwood
IBM Blockchain Executive

Open Collective Founder/Head of Business Development @NEAR Protocol

Cengiz Gunay

Judging Criteria

  • Originality and innovation
    The team clearly shows how their app idea aligns with a problem in their community. [5] The team provides evidence of the problem they are solving through facts and statistics. [5] The team addresses the problem well. [5]
  • Technicality of implementation
    The code appears to be functional without any major bugs. [5] Code used is original. We do not condone plagiarism. [5] The app is easy to use. [5] The project uses Blockchain/ NEAR API [+5 bonus]
  • Pitch (Video/Demo/Presentation)
    The team clearly states the problem they are solving. [5] The team presents a convincing argument to support their solution. [5] The team’s business has an identity through branding and visuals. [5] The goals are explained and realistic. [5]
  • Overall Impression
    You are convinced that this app/idea can succeed [5] The team’s strong dedication and work ethic is clear, even if the submission is not complete. [5] The submission stands out from others. [5]

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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